Sunday, June 19, 2011


1st things 1st.
It's Papa's Bday today!!!!!! OMG!!
He's 59 already!! =)
I really love my Dad...he's awesome!
and it's also Mistah Charles Tan's Bday...=)
Love that guy! =D
Also it's father's day so we went for lunch which was sooooo funny!!
But uh...Lets not get into that...lazy syot...xD
Then we came home and cut Papa's Ice-Cream Cake which was like YUM! XD
Jie bought Papa a new phone...still simple basic but can take pictures and has

College started like 2 weeks ago.
It's actually been really fun.
But I'm already swamped with assignments...=/
Which I only JUST finished! pheww...
I really miss my highschool friends. =(
I've made loads of new friends in college tho...
They're great...with an exception of William...
I made up my mind to be pissed at him yday...
but kan...I'm not really good at that...=/
I reeeeeaaaaaally wanna be pissed coz he lied and uh badly at that...
but today I just talked to biasa nii...==

I honestly need a life now tho...
All the friends that I used to go out with,
now they're all...well we don't really hang out anymore =(
I'm still not that close with my college friends so we don't hang out...
not to mention the fact that they all live in PJ and I live in KL =(
I feel so I got no friends...=(

Kay...I'm gonna wallow in self pity now...Laters!!